Wisdom, not an oddity, but a necessity! - book SN

Wisdom, not an oddity, but a necessity! - book SN

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This book is a golden nugget that illuminates the path for everybody to rethink anew to stay focussed on the whole, to wake up to our alignment with nature, tune into the flow of evolution and apply the practical wisdom!

 Vaidas Deksnys, SoHam,

Yoga Center Soham, member of the

Lithuanian National Health Council

Vilnius, Lithuania


Many words have been written about Indigenous peoples and their “wisdom”, and mostly through Occidental per-spectives, some more aware than others, but somewhere

we will need less of the anthropocentric view and more of expe-riencing a living reality and not so much of using reality to fit one’s comforted lifestyle.

Perhaps with the knowledge that is written in “Wisdom. Not an oddity but a neccessity” will find its way of balancing the “living WITH and not living ON Earth”.

 Tiokasin Ghosthorse

First Voices Radio (www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org)

United States of America